Step 3 - How much does it cost?
One of the first questions that comes up when people start this process is: how much does it cost? There are a lot of factors that can effect the total cost of a project, such as materials, size, plantings, etc. This section will attempt to help you with some ballpark estimates on various options. We have broken these estimates down into three categories - The Pool (which makes up all of the items specifically related to the pool), Must-Haves (which are items that every project must have) and Nice-to-Haves (which are optional extras).
 The Pool

Each pool installation is different. There are different shapes, sizes and options for each part of a pool. We can still come up with a fairly good estimate for the pool's cost.

Most pool installations include:

  • The pool installation components (pool shell, concrete, excavation, piping, etc)
  • The pool system (pump, filter, piping, recirculation equipment)
  • Pool heater (most commonly, a heat pump)
  • Salt water chlorination system
  • Pool steps and a ladder
  • Underwater lighting
  • Chemicals, maintenance equipment and a vacuum system

For our most popular size (approximately 16'x32'), this package generally costs $45-50,000 + HST. For a larger pool size (18'x36' or 20'x40'), add $4,000-$7,000. For a smaller size (12'x24' or 14'x28'), deduct $3,000-6,000.

If you're looking at a fiberglass pool, add $15,000 - $20,000. For concrete, add $40,000 - $50,000.

People often ask if there are ways to trim these estimates to fit a smaller budget. The pool heater and the salt system are generally the only items that can be removed to lower the price and generally they are both very high on people's wish lists.

  • Electrical hook up - $1,500-$2,000
  • Fencing - the least expensive fencing option is chain link and most projects will need at least 120' - $4,500+
  • Permits $100-$500
  • Decking - most projects will have at least a 2.5' border of concrete around the pool - $3,500 - $4,000
  • Lawn repair - building a pool requires the use of excavation equipment, dump trucks, bobcats and concrete trucks. This machinery can make a mess of your yard. Most projects require some sod installation at completion - $3,000
NOTE: With the smallest pool, electrical, chain link fencing, permits, a plain concrete walkway around the pool, fixing up the lawn and HST, the budget is around $60,000 with no room for contingencies.

Most projects will upgrade the fencing, add more patio space, upgrade the decking materials and add items such as pool houses, planting beds and more. Most of our projects have budgets in the $90,000+ range, with many of the jobs featured in our galleries costing over $125,000.

  • Upgrade concrete walkway to stamped concrete with cantilever edging - $2,500
  • Upgrade concrete walkway to pavers - $5,000 - $7,500
  • Add more patio space - Stamped concrete - $16-19/sq ft - Pavers - $18-22/sq ft - Natural stone - $25+/sq ft
  • Automatic Pool Cover - $19,000+
  • Inground Solar Blanket Roller - $4,500+
  • Pool Safety/Winter Cover - $1,500+
  • Coast Spa - $9,000+
  • Spillover spa - $12,000+
  • Pool control systems - $1,000+
  • Custom pool steps or tanning ledges - $2,500+
  • Landscape lighting systems - $3,000+
  • Rock waterfall - $3,000
  • Planting beds - $10-$15/sq ft
  • Trellis or pergola - $2,500+
  • Firepits - $2,000+
  • Outdoor kitchens - $8,000+
  • Ornamental Iron Fencing - $50-60/lin ft
  • Wood fencing - $35/lin ft+
  • Pool house - $6,000+
  • Bathroom in pool house - $5,000+
  • Putting green - $5,000+


Next, we'll talk about pool types and shapes.

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