Step 10 - Backyard Construction Process
Most customers want to know how long the pool installation process takes and what it looks like.
We pride ourselves in our scheduling - we almost always start our projects on-time. Unlike most pool companies, we have a Project Manager assigned to your job so our communication is first-rate.
Our rule of thumb is that a project will take 3-4 weeks for the first $60,000 spent. Every $10-20,000 spent on top of that adds another week to the process, so a $150,000 project would take 8-12 weeks depending on the complexity.
As you can see from the photos below, we try to keep our jobsites neat and tidy. To keep things safe, we install snow fencing around the pool at the end of each day.
Step by step construction process
Day 1 - Layout of the pool

Day 1 - Excavation of the pool

Day 1 - Assemble pool panels

Day 2 - Complete pool panel assembly

Week 1 - Pour pool floor

Week 1 - Underground piping and drainage

Week 2 - Form and pour concrete pool decking

Week 2 - Concrete is poured - ready for landscaping

Week 2 - Stamped concrete is poured, ready for landscaping

Week 3+ - Landscaping

Upon completion of landscaping - Equipment room hookup and electrical

Upon completion of landscaping - Liner installation

Next day - Swim!


Next, we'll go over your pool's warranty:

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