Step 8 - Design Stage

Once we've finished the Design Consultation and we've got some basics nailed down with regard to your Must-Haves and your Nice-to-Haves, our scope of work, your budget and your preferred type of pool, we move forward with the design stage.

During this stage, we go to the proverbial drawing board and begin to layout your project. We use elements and principles of design, such as scale, balance and proportion to ensure that the various parts of the project "fit" together in harmony.

We've found that the majority of our clients are visual - they prefer to see drawings of how their yard will look once it's finished. Our software allows us to show you drawings of the project from actual viewing locations in the backyard. We've found this method to be better than the classic "birds-eye-view" plans that are commonly used - after all, the project should look good for you, not the birds.

See the right-hand column for some examples of our drawings:

We present these drawings along with some estimates of the construction cost. Design changes are very simple and welcomed at this stage. Within a couple of design revisions, we are usually ready to move forward with finalizing the construction documents.


Next, we'll go over the permit process:

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