Step 4 - Should we get a rectangle pool or a freeform shape?

This is a very common question. There are no right or wrong answers but we often find that one or the other fits better for a particular site, house and family as we progress through the design process.

Here are some thoughts:

Freeform shape - the "natural" look
  • People often choose freeform pools because they are more "natural" looking. With the right budget, we can install planting beds, custom rock waterfalls and other details that help to make the project more "natural". On the other hand, a slightly tighter budget often means fewer plantings and no rock work.
  • In some cases, the setting helps us; as in a property that is located in the woods with a lot of natural elements nearby. A neighborhood lot often means that rather than beautiful forests as a backdrop, we have other houses in our view.
  • In our experience, the "natural" look that is being sought after is not achieved by choosing a curved pool shape but by combining natural surroundings, natural landscaping and a curved pool shape that fits the space available.
Rectangle pool - the modern or traditional look
  • Rectangular pools are more versatile than their freeform counterparts. Rectangle pools are at home in a clean, simple project, as well as a more traditional or formal style and even more on modern or contemporary sites.
  • Rectangular pools are slightly easier to clean and care for and they are also more economical to install.
  • They also tend to fit better into smaller lots.
Next, we will discuss the difference between vinyl and fiberglass pools.
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