Step 1 - What to do before the design consultation?

There are four main questions that we want to answer during the Design Consultation:

1- What spaces would you like to see in your project? (tanning areas, shaded areas, cooking, fire pits, putting greens, play areas, dog-runs, pools, spas, etc - are types of spaces you might want)

2- How would you like these spaces to look? (formal, natural, clean, modern, bright, cool, exciting, relaxing, etc - are all options here)

3 - How does the architecture of the home fit with these goals?

4- How much are you comfortable spending on the project?

The answers to some of these questions might change during the process but it helps to have some ideas as a starting point.

It is very helpful to sort these items into Must-Haves and Nice-To-Haves. The budget doesn't always match up to the wish list, so it's good to know which items are most important.

We recommend looking through our galleries, especially on Houzz and Facebook for ideas. If you have any photos from magazines or other websites bookmarked, these are all very helpful.


Next, we'll talk about what to expect during the Design Consultation:

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